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Installation Kits
Installation Kits

There are countless way to install the Texas Superior Animal Waterer.  The simplest way is to connect to your water supply utilizing a garden hose, although most prefer a more permanent means of installation.  We offer a complete line of brass, PVC and PEX fitttings, valves and hoses to complete most installations. The following installations are offered in a Complete Installation Kit, which provides most everything needed.

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Installation Kit #17500
1/2" FIP Connection for Overhead Hook-up
Installation Kit #17510
Insulation & PVC Cover Protection for #17500

Installation Kit #17712
3/4" Hose - Recommended Hook-Up when a Flow Meter is installed
Installation Kit #17725
PVC Protection Cover w/Insulation for #17712

Installation Kit #17760
Digital Flow Meter Mounting (price for meter only)
Installation Kit #17780
Complete Veterinarian Unit Assembly

Installation Kit #17800
Temporary Mounting
Installation Kit #17912
Installation with 1/2" x 30" SS Hose

Installation Kit #17916
Installation with PEX
Installation Kit #17925
PVC Protection Cover w/Insulation for #17912 & #17916

An animal watering device that is durable, long lasting, and simple to install, the TEXAS SUPERIOR ANIMAL WATERER.
Legend and Notes
MHT = Male Hose Thread
FHT = Female Hose Thread
MPT - Male Pipe Thread
FPT = Female Pipe Thread

Each application with reference to mounting & installation is different. The accessories list of fittings and hoses has been compiled to make this process as smooth as possible. There are also pictures of different ways to install the unit, which are only suggestions. The installer may discover a more practical way of installation best suited to their individual situation.


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